Who really shot the Townsville Crocs?


Like every great murder mystery, there are a number of suspects and motivations for the folding of the Townsville Crocodiles Basketball Club from the NBL and like every case needs a detective with a fine eye for detail, looking at every possible angle and every possible motivation for commiting the crime.


Edited by Tristan Prentice, Photo by Townsville Crocodiles

Edited by Tristan Prentice, Photo by Townsville Crocodiles


Fiasco Sports sent its NBL expert Tristan Prentice to investigate the case and to well and truly prove without a shadoiw of a doubt, who shot the Towsnville Crocs.


Suspect One: The Brisbane Bullets with the Player Signings in the Capital City


Photo by News.com


Motivation: Its obvious isn’t it, Bullets kill so therefore the likelihood of the cross town Queensland rival trying to get back into the NBL looking at its jealous regional rival being taken down by a club called the Bullets is highly likely.


Innocent?: The NBL is expanding and therefore the player signings appear maybe a little unlikely for a murder weapon when the Bullets have so far raided from the Adelaide 36ers (Adam Gibson and Anthony Petrie), Melbourne United (Daniel Kickert) and the Perth Wildcats (Tom Jervis).


Guilty?: The choice of capital city for the murder appears very suspicious as the management of the Bullets know the regional town Crocs can’t compete with the ease of flying, two outstanding coaches in national Boomers coach Andrej Lemanis and assistant CJ Bruton, bright lights and sunny beaches (that yes you can swim in) of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Suspect Two: The NBL with the Mid-Week Fixtures in the Fox Sports Studios


Photo by ScoopNest


Motivation: Money and progress is no doubt high on the agenda of the new NBL management and what better way than to silently dispose of the club the league has poured much of its hard earned into than to quietly send it to the bottom of the sea sleeping with the fishes (or is it Crocs in this case).


Innocent?: The NBL appears to have been its greatest advocate by the amount they have put into sustaining the Crocs through their recent financial troubles, it does seem a bit strange they would want to slowly suffocate them whilst helping them stay in the league for as long as they have.


Guilty?: The weapon of choice the mid-week fixturing has limited the amount of opportunities for the Crocs to advertise themselves back to the nation with big capital city teams high on the agenda, unless you had an NBL susbscription or Fox Sports many people would’ve not even seen the Crocs play barely a couple of times throughout the season on free to air or mid-week.


Suspect Three: The North Queensland Cowboys and the Townsville Fire with the Ticket Prices in their Venues.


Photo by News.com.au


Motivation: Hercule Poirot always said, “the chance of the victim knowing the killer is very high” and with brother and sister sports clubs in the NRL and WNBL in the home town, sibling rivalry can lead to the results of murder.  .


Innocent?: Both franchises seem to mind their own business with plenty of money and fans rolling into their matches respectively whereas the Crocs have been on the downward slide for a while so maybe they were a threat during the 90s and 00s but not in recent time.


Guilty?: However motivation can last over a lifetime and by setting their ticket prices at an unbeatable standard and raking in all the local sponsors at once they have well and truly killed off any chance of the Crocs having life support.


and finally…


Suspect Four: The Townsville Crocodiles (with the Ticket Prices in the RSL)


Photo by Aussie Hoopla


Motivation: Did they shoot themselves after many attempts at trying to stay afloat, maybe when they looked at themselves and saw what happened to the Singapore Slingers and the South Dragons that they would be remembered for folding rather than being the league’s bandaid.


Innocent?: The Crocs used to be the most vocal and intimitading venue for teams to visit during the 90s and the 00s and with all the factors at play above, its no wonder many of the other suspects had it in for them when they started to look very unstable.


Guilty?: They raised their ticket prices, season ticket prices, played in a second rate venue in the Townsville RSL the previous season (no offence to the RSL crew but national basketball needs a few more than 1500 seats some of which aren’t a occupational health and safety risk) and bled themselves of cash along the way.


and the verdict after much deliberation and anaylsis, the murderer is…


All of them did it, the combination of all four suspects has killed off the Crocs once and for all so although this article is a bit tongue and cheek after 24 years we sadly say goodbye to the franchise that gave us beloved (and not so loved) players like Corey “Homicide” Williams, John Rillie, Robert Rose, Pat Reidy, Kelvin Robertson, Clarence Tyson and many more.


RIP Townsville Crocodiles and Croc Nation 1993-2016.


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