The Dismissal of Art Briles

The dismissal of Baylor Bears Head Coach Art Briles is not getting the media attention it deserves in Australia. 

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Baylor HC Art Briles and QB Seth Russell (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


It was reported that Briles and Baylor “either failed to investigate, or adequately investigate, allegations of sexual violence.” After a lengthy report highlighting multiple episodes of poor judgement was released, Baylor decided to fired Briles which is something that by current standards is a little out of the ordinary.
Why is it out of the ordinary? Well, for as long as there has been successful sports franchises bringing in medium to big money as well as victories (they kinda co-exist) owners or University boards have pushed issues aside such as sexual assault claims and violence and drunken behaviour, with no real consequence given out to the men who are employed to guide these individuals.
Say, hypothetically, a coach could has 3 players on his roster who get real drunk, steal a car and crash into a building. The players may/most likely will receive a suspension, the coach walks away without even a slap on the wrist.
Art Briles was a very successful coach with the Bears. Multiple Big 12 Championships as well as a few big Bowl appearances. However, he was first and foremost employed to mold men of the future. Every College coach, be it football, basketball, softball etc, is hired to help create a positive culture in a locker room that would be one of growth as a human, not just a player. Essentially they are not only sporting coaches, but life coaches. They are trusted by the University boards and also by parents to help give their child an education both on and off the field.
Briles failed to do that.
Now, will we begin to see a shift in philosophies where the coach will start being held more accountable for his players actions, especially those who coach in the College ranks? Probably not, unfortunately. The almighty dollar and maintaining a winning program is still what boards want to see.
But for one moment, we had a glimmer where it appeared that common sense & accountability would work hand in hand.


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