Sprint: How bad do you really want it?

How bad do you really want it?                                                                    


hardest cardio session in pre season

Death Hill – the hardest cardio session in pre season. The satisfaction at the end always overpowers the pain endured.


What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal?


Will obstacles stop you or will they increase your drive to succeed?


It’s a feeling inside that drives you to want it more than anything. You get pushed down, you watch your dreams shatter right in front your eyes, but that feeling inside you will always provide you with strength. It gives you a reason to pick your dream up, slowly and surely, with baby steps. This is something I have found quite difficult over the last year.


I used to ask myself, ‘how do I know I want it bad enough? Is the effort I put in enough and is it worth it?’


I want my goal so badly, this freezing 9 degree pool isn't enough to stop me doing what I need to do.

I want my goal so badly, this freezing 9 degree pool isn’t enough to stop me doing what I need to do.

In one of my previous articles, I spoke about injuries and the way these obstacles affected me but at the same time motivated me to open my eyes, empty my cup and start learning again.  When the cup is empty it increases the hunger to learn. Learning new ways of doing things provides a huge drive to overcome obstacles.


My mind was often blocked when my coach was talking to me. I would filter all the important information into a pile of nothing and only take what I wanted to hear, which would be minimal.


I needed to become a human sponge, soaking up as much useful information possible and utilise it.


While searching for answers during that period I attended a motivational seminar and something just clicked, I finally understood. My willingness to learn brought back excitement and hunger to achieve my goal.

I hate needles but the benefits are too great to let fear take over

I hate needles but the benefits are too great to let fear take over


You know how bad you want to eat chocolate when you’re supposed to be eating healthy? Well like most women I have days of craving sweet food. Knowing there is a chocolate stash in the house, with utter urgency it would turn into a race against myself. I would not give up untiI I found the chocolate, nothing could stop me.


Applying this to your goals is a prime example of sheer determination and persistence to get what you want.


Not a chocolate lover? Perhaps this man will spark your interest. I met this inspiring man through social media, reminding me that obstacles are there to test your hunger and drive to succeed. He is the definition of persistence.


Senior Airman, Gideon L. Connelly, lost his lower leg as a result of a motorbike accident in 2011. The rehabilitation process took him one year to run again, and his eyes are now set on the Paralympic games 2016 in Rio as a sprinter.


Connelly had the mental capability to deal with his accident and find a way to utilise his athletic ability. It may be a tougher obstacle than most but his mindset is extraordinary; his drive, persistence and focus have overpowered his obstacles.


Persistence is like water – always knowing where it’s going, has flow and direction. No matter what obstacles are in its path, it always finds a way through even the tiniest cracks in a mountain. That is persistence.


Written by Cloë Neophytou @cloeneophytou


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