Pay attention to your strength not your weakness

Pay attention to your strength not your weakness


People don’t pay attention to their strengths; they don’t see it or put value to it. They lack confidence because they don’t have the evidence to support it.


Having evidence makes things a reality.


The other day I was asked by my coach to point out a few strengths in myself I had noticed throughout the season. I honestly couldn’t think of any that I could back up with evidence.


Evidence is conviction which builds confidence.


I didn’t know what I had done was good, therefore I didn’t have the confidence. I hadn’t been paying attention to the good, only to what I could have done better.


This day i shaved 3minutes off my stair runs

This day I shaved 3minutes off my stair runs in pre season 2013

Focusing on what I could improve on unintentionally destroyed my confidence.


My coach could list 50 strengths about my season and couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of one! He said to do this it requires skill.


He told me to go home and write a list of all the negative things during the season or what I could fix. Then next to them I had to match it with a positive. By matching every negative with a positive you can cure yourself of doubt.


Coming in to the 2014 season from injury and sickness, I doubted my physical ability. By the end of the first program back I was shocked having run a personal best in my last 500m of 1000m. I had beaten it by 10 seconds!


In 2013 I dropped my time down to 3:37min for my 1000m when my person best was 4:05min in 2012 – that is insane! How did I not appreciate this?!


In 2012 I was bench-pressing 55kg for 1-2 reps, in 2014 I have moved up to 72.5kg for my 1 rep max. What a huge improvement in just one season.


These are some of the things I have skimmed past which looking back I cannot believe I didn’t acknowledge.


Competing in state championships a few weeks ago I felt like I had failed myself because I didn’t place or get a personal best. The first task was actually to run 26 seconds in the first 200m; I ran 26.4seconds (personal best). The next task was to cross 41 in 300m then see how far the speed carries me when I’ve given it all. I came close running 42.1 seconds also being a personal best.


state championships 2014 first aid room - ran the best i had ever run resulting in pushing my achilles to the limit

State Championships 2014 first aid room – ran the best I had ever run..and pushed my achilles to the limit

I stuck to the task I was asked to do and my coach was so happy. I may not have won but I got what we needed out of it and therefore I should have been ecstatic. That helped build my confidence back by finding the positive in a situation I thought of as negative.


I have been consistent with my training this whole season. I had achieved every task expected of me but I did not acknowledge them, which means I missed out on the satisfaction of achieving a goal and increasing my confidence knowing I can do it again or even better.


I did not ever back off – even when I was tired. That is something to pay attention to. That is strength. That is consistence.


I put my mind in everything I do I never back off.


These individual achievements may look little but piled up they build confidence in yourself.


Whenever a negative thought comes into your mind make sure you do not leave it unbalanced without a positive.


As time goes on it will become normal to acknowledge your strengths, which in turn provides conviction, which leads to confidence. That’s what champions do.


Written by Cloë Neophytou @cloeneophytou


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