Oakley Bali Pro Round One Results

The traditional Balinese opening ceremony signaled the beginning of the Oakley Bali Pro at Keramas, event number five of the Men’s World Championship Tour. 


Jordy Smith warms up in a barrel. Image: Hennings Source: www.oakleybalipro.com

Jordy Smith in a barrel during the warm up session.
Image: Hennings
Source: www.oakleybalipro.com


Due to varying tidal conditions, round one of the competition began at 11am with Adriano De Souza, Bede Durbidge and Dusty Payne in the opening heat.


De Souza took first place of heat one, combining a mid range 6.60 and a 6.33 to finish with a total of 12.93.


Jordy Smith picked up the pace in heat four as he locked in an 8.33 and 7.13, winning the heat against Oney Anwar and Matt Wilkinson with a mid range two wave score of 15.46.


USA competitor, Nat Young scored the first high score in heat seven, posting a 9.10 and a 7.93 to claim first position and progress through successfully.


Michel Bourez was victorious in his heat as he managed to secure a high two wave score of 17.30, defeating Adam Melling and Gabriel Medina respectively.


A narrow win for Jeremy Flores over Julian Wilson in heat 11, both posting similar high scores throughout the 30 minute battle.


Flores was just able to inch in front of Wilson’s 9.60 and 7.17 as he scored a 9.17 and a 7.77 for a combined total of 16.94.


John John Florence concluded the final heat of the day with a near perfect heat, his final two wave score of 19.87.


Florence scored the highest two wave score of the day.


Michel Bourez takes to the air. Image: Hennings Source: www.oakleyprobali.com

Michel Bourez takes to the air.
Image: Hennings
Source: www.oakleyprobali.com


Round 1 Results:

Heat 1:

1. Adriano De Souza 12.93 (BRA) 2. Bede Durbdige 12.17 (AUS) 3. Dusty Payne 8.60 (HAW)


Heat 2:

1. Fredrick Patacchia 12.67 (HAW) 2. Joel Parkinson 12.00 (AUS)

Note: Travis Logie was unable to attend competition due to injury in Fiji.


Heat 3:

1. Yadin Nicol 14.56 (AUS) 2. Kolohe Andino 12.93 (USA) 3. Taj Burrow 12.63 (AUS)


Heat 4:

1. Jordy Smith 15.46 (ZAF) 2. Oney Anwar 11.93 (IND) 3. Matt Wilkinson 9.03 (AUS)


Heat 5:

1. Mick Fanning 14.56 (AUS) 2. Brett Simpson 6.83 (USA) 3. Bruce Irons 5.50 (HAW)


Heat 6:

1. Damien Hobgood 14.10 (USA) 2. Kelly Slater 12.00 (USA) 3. Jack Robinson 5.83 (AUS)


Heat 7:

1. Nat Young 17.03 (USA) 2. Willian Cardoso 13.90 (BRA) 3. Kai Otton 13.40 (AUS)


Heat 8:

1. Filipe Toledo 16.07 (BRA) 2. Kieren Perrow 15.50 (AUS) 3. Josh Kerr 11.67 (AUS)


Heat 9:

1. CJ Hobgood 16.43 (USA) 2. Adrian Buchan 15.17 (AUS) 3. Raoni Monteiro 8.17 (BRA)


Heat 10:

1. Michel Bourez 17.30 (PYF) 2. Adam Melling 14.10 (AUS) 3. Gabriel Medina 12.93 (BRA)


Heat 11:

1. Jeremy Flores 16.94 (FRA) 2. Julian Wilson 16.77 (AUS) 3. Alejo Muniz 13.90 (BRA)


Heat 12:

1. John John Florence 19.87 (HAW) 2. Sebastian Zietz 19.37 (HAW) 3. Miguel Pupo 13.60 (BRA)


Event organizers will make the next call for competition on Wednesday June 19 in accordance with the conditions.


Written by Madison Heinze.








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