Lex Hanegraaf takes out Tom Harvey in one of the biggest fights of his career

Lex Hanegraaf dominated in his first headlining fight at Knees of Fury’s ‘Night of the Rising Stars’ at the Dom Polski Centre in Adelaide.


Photo by: Jaye Storton

Photo by: Jaye Storton

In the main event Lex ‘Hannibal’ Hanegraaf took down NSW’s Tom Harvey to win big in his first headlining show.


Hanegraaf intimidated his opponent right from the start, entering the ring in a Hannibal Lector face mask.


The high intensity fighter owned the centre during the first, pushing Harvey around the outside and onto the defence.


Hanegraaf came out as aggressive as ever in the second, but couldn’t get around Harvey’s strong defence – he seemed to adjust to this in the third holding back and waiting for an opening.

Photo by: Jaye Storton

Photo by: Jaye Storton


As he started to draw Harvey out more, both fighters started to land more shots with Hanegraaf landing a brutal return kick to drop Harvey.


Harvey came out a lot more aggressive in the fourth but was dropped by a massive hook by Hanegraaf while on the attack and from there it was Hanegraaf’s fight.


Harvey went down once more in the fourth round to a good jab and another hook opened up his nose.

Photo by: Jaye Storton

Photo by: Jaye Storton

Afterwards Hanegraaf said it was a good fight, “bit of a slow start but we got there, started warming up a bit in the later rounds. I just love getting in there and making it happen”.


Harvey said the fight didn’t go the way he wanted it to: “I should have pushed harder, during the second to fifth round I should’ve pushed a lot harder and used my elbows and my knees a lot more but unfortunately it didn’t happen”.


“I wanted to use my clinch and knees and elbows, I just found it difficult getting into the clinch with him, he’s very awkward sort of fighter, keeps out of the range, tall fella, maybe next time.”


Photo by: Jaye Storton

Photo by: Jaye Storton


Carly Gangell walked away with a unanimous decision after a tough fight against Kristy Mears.

Photo by: Jaye Storton

Photo by: Jaye Storton

Gangell dropped Mears early in the first and started off well.


From there the fight evened out and slowed down a little as both fighters searched for an opening.


“It went really quick actually, it didn’t feel like a full three rounds. It wasn’t exactly the plan but it was alright my corner sort of saw it and just adjusted, they helped me out if it wasn’t for my corner I wouldn’t of got that win,” Cangell said after the fight.


Photo by: Jaye Storton

Photo by: Jaye Storton


David Wang got the victory over Shaun Dawson with a second round TKO after Shaun’s corner threw in the towel.


Wang used his extra reach well throughout the fight, dropping Dawson with a head kick in the first.


Dawson was strong and kept pushing forward looking disappointed when his corner called it but credit to Wang who used his jab to well to keep Dawson on edge.


“Everything went well, listened to my trainer right from the start. Came out played safe, played smart,” said Wang.


Blair Martin defeated Daniel Mataio with a unanimous decision.


Both fighters were strong but Martin came out as victor.

Photo by: Jaye Storton

Photo by: Jaye Storton


Chris Jordan had a close fight against Vinnie Descristofaro, but managed to come away with the split decision.


Descristofaro started off strong dropping Jordan three times in the first round but Jordan found space in the later rounds using his punching well.

Also on the Card:


Saxon Scudds and Shabani Salum had a draw in what was a high energy fight.


Aaron Merrett defeated Lindon Forbes in a split decision.


Helen Mansouri was excellent against Roberta Mitakidis to get the unanimous decision.


Ian Woods took out Jaskaran Mansouri with a split decision.


Dan Rutiz won against Dylan Sariovski with a split decision.


Sam Morris defeated Thomas Clifford via unanimous decision.


Written By Daniel Whyntie


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