Joel Parkinson Victorious in Bali

Australian Joel Parkinson has claimed the Oakley Pro Bali, event number five on the World Championship Tour at Keramas, Bali, Indonesia on June 27.  


Joel Parkinson claims the victory at Keramas, Bali, Indonesia.  Image: Curley Source:

Joel Parkinson claims the victory at Keramas, Bali, Indonesia.
Image: Curley


Parkinson took a strong lead in heat one of the quarter finals, combining a 7.50 and a 5.67 together, placing Taj Burrow into a combination situation.


Burrow endured a challenging heat as he struggled to find the right waves, only scoring a total two wave score of 3.13 against  Parkinson’s 13.17.


Josh Kerr got down to business in heat two, threading together a 9.27 and an 8.17 to move through to the semi finals with a combined score of 17.44.


CJ Hobgood was left with a tall order, needing a 9.94 to be able to overtake Kerr and finished the heat with a 13.83.


Nat Young went head to head in another heat with Julian Wilson, fighting back with a win after yesterday’s round four tight scramble for waves.


Young managed to just pull in front of Wilson, posting a powerful 9.60 and a 7.43 to win the heat with a combined two wave score of 17.03, with 1.46 the difference.


Tahitian Michel Bourez came out on top with a 16.27 in heat four against Mick Fanning. 


Bourez located the higher scoring waves, lashing out and locking in a 9.07 supported with a 7.20 to win by 3.77.


Parkinson continued his winning streak, brutally bashing the sets and taking down fellow Australian Josh Kerr in the semi finals.


Kerr faced a difficult heat, only finishing with a single wave score of 5.33 as he was unable to source the waves he needed to have a chance at striking back against Parkinson.


Parkinson concluded the heat with a mid range total score of 14.43 and moved through to the highly anticipated final.


In heat two of the semi finals Bourez came out in first position in his clash with Nat Young by 0.53, moving through with succession for the final battle against Parkinson.


Joel Parkinson. Image: Hennings Source:

Joel Parkinson.
Image: Hennings


Armed with a strong forehand attack, Parkinson slashed through the waves as the time rapidly ticked down in the final, just edging in front of Bourez with a 13.86.


Bourez had paired together a 6.50 and a 6.17 in the changing conditions, but Parkinson was able to secure a 7.83 and a 6.03 to take out the victory.


“It wasn’t the greatest of the finals and I knew it wasn’t over” Parkinson said after the final.


“I figured if I got the best wave towards the end, figured I’d have a chance” he continued.


Though Bourez did not take out the victory, he fought with aggressive power throughout the competition and was still thrilled as this final at Keramas marked his first ever final.


“The culture and people of Bali are amazing and I’m just happy to put Tahiti on the podium” Bourez stated.


Parkinson is now in third place of the current WCT rankings just behind Kelly Slater in second place.


Mick Fanning has taken the lead with 31,400 points due to his fifth place finish at Keramas.


The next event of the men’s tour is the Billabong Pro Teahupoo, Taiarapu, French Polynesia from August 15-26 2013.


Quarter final results:

Heat 1:

1. Joel Parkinson 13.17 (AUS) 2. Taj Burrow 3.13 (AUS)


Heat 2:

1. Josh Kerr 17.44 (AUS) 2. CJ Hobgood 13.83 (USA)


Heat 3:

1. Nat Young 17.03 (USA) 2. Julian Wilson 15.57 (AUS)


Heat 4:

1. Michel Bourez 16.27 (PYF) 2. Mick Fanning 12.50 (AUS)


Semi final results:

Heat 1:

1. Joel Parkinson 14.43 (AUS) 2. Josh Kerr 5.33 (AUS)


Heat 2:

1. Michel Bourez 15.50 (PYF) 2. Nat Young 14.97 (USA)


Final results:

1. Joel Parkinson 13.86 (AUS) 2. Michel Bourez 12.67 (PYF)


Written By Madison Heinze.








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