Humility helps us grow

Humility helps us grow.                                              


When you have faith in something, you let your guard down and surrender. You become completely selfless to learn and understand. We call this humility.


Some of us want our goals so badly but are stubborn and block our learning pathway and become close minded. I am guilty of this.


Being a personal trainer I automatically go into defence mode thinking I am right with all the gym exercises my coach prescribes, which makes the sessions a struggle for both of us.


I found it hard to surrender and let go of my inner personal trainer. Instilled in my brain has been to correct form when something isn’t right, but I had also instilled that I am always right.


This has been a huge challenge the last four years. Surrendering during my sessions and keeping an open mind to the way I am instructed, as well as the exercises we do, has taught me a new way of learning.

Changing from one technique to another was hard for me to comprehend.


There are always times I want to jump straight in and say, “well that’s stupid”. Then I bite my tongue and tell myself to take a step back and listen. Afterwards I feel satisfied having let myself be open to learning something new.


As hard as it may be to let your guard down it can be the best thing you do for yourself. Sometimes being wrong is the best thing for you, because you learn something new.


Keeping your guard up is like holding on to a grudge, it’s very negative and draining, while only affecting the person holding onto it.


When we appreciate ourselves and the people around us, it helps ground us. Our minds stay open and we are more likely to learn.


Legendary Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, once said:

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”


Written by Cloë Neophytou 

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'So you want to train with me?' Asked the 6 foot Nigerian Olympian. 'Yes please' 'Ok see you tomorrow' That is how it began. That simple. After a lifetime of enthusiasm for fitness, a successful high school athletics career and then owning my own business in personal training & pilates, i had a chance meeting that has shaped my immediate future. Uduma and I have trained together for 3 years now after a break which destiny brought us back together under strange circumstances. I have never felt so driven, and I have never been so strong mentally and physically to keep moving towards my dream.

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