CrossFit Fit Wars 8, Adelaide

As a competitive person with a major case of white line fever, it was hard to watch Fit Wars 8 from the sidelines as a reporter.


Fiasco Sports / Christopher Bouras

Fiasco Sports / Christopher Bouras


The Fit Wars 8 event was held at the Wayville Showgrounds, Adelaide, on Sunday 9 February 2014.


Fit Wars 8 put South Australia’s best CrossFit athletes in competition against each other in individual and team event
classed categories.


The atmosphere of the day was electric as fans cheered and roared after successful lifts from the athletes.


Watching and reporting on the event made me appreciate the fitness level of CrossFit athletes.


Before the first event at the Wayville Showgrounds, all competitors were required to complete an 11 kilometre time trial run.


Once at the Wayville Showgrounds events included the couplet of three rounds of 30 wall balls and 21 toes to bar, and the pull ladder which is a series of barbells in increasing weighted increments.


Other gruelling events included weighted burpees, chest to bar pullups, front squats and hand stand pushups.


Fiasco Sports spoke to CrossFit competitor Stephanie Oritz, originally from Colorado, America.


Oritz has been in Australia for less than a year and has transformed from a diver to CrossFit athlete.


Fiasco Sports / Christopher Bouras

Fiasco Sports / Christopher Bouras


“I was a diver, flipping and twisting and diving into the water, I was a collegiate athlete in the (United) States. I graduated
from the University of Wyoming,” said Oritz.


Oritz completed a degree in communications before moving to Adelaide where she began training and competing in CrossFit events.


Ben Norman has been awesome with me and my training, I love it. I train five days a week,” said Oritz.


“I fell in love with the sport.


“Every time I compete I put 110% in.”


I made mention of my white line fever and although I am certainly not fit enough to mix it with these impressive athletes, the energy and enthusiasm of the day has made me want to train with them, look like them and compete like them.


Congratulations to all the competing CrossFit athletes at Fit Wars 8 and winners.


Stephanie Oritz will join the Fiasco Sports Show, Sunday night 16 February to talk about CrossFit and her transformation from a college diver in Colorado to CrossFit athlete in Adelaide. ‘Like’ Fiasco Sports on Facebook and ‘follow’ us on Twitter for further details.


Written by Matthew Diglio @matthewdiglio


CrossFit Fit Wars 8 results


Men Individual


1. Kosta Mastromihalis

2. Brendan Dykes

3. Tristan Jones


Women Individual


1. Amanda Allen

2. Stephanie Ortiz

3. Emma Hissey




1. Karen Miller

2. Vivienne Henderson

3. Jenny Kemp


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