Big Day on the Waves in Bali

A pumping swell produced big scores and major upsets in round four and five of the Oakley Pro Bali at Keramas, Indonesia.



Taj Burrow lashes the water. Image: Dorsey Source:

Taj Burrow lashes the water.
Image: Dorsey


Taj Burrow had a close win over Joel Parkinson in heat one, pounding through the waves to post a 9.83 and an 8.47, bringing his score to a total of 18.30.


Parkinson fought hard and fast, securing similar scores to Burrow of a 9.17 and an 8.73 to take out second place with a 17.90.


CJ Hobgood was put into a combination situation by Burrow and was unable to find the higher scoring waves to grasp second place over Parkinson.


Josh Kerr placed pressure on Kelly Slater and John John Florence in heat two as he nailed a perfect 10 backed up closely with a 9.67.


Slater came in second, with a 9.53 and a 9.07 as his two top scores, while Florence was close behind with an 8.73 and 8.37 for third position.


The competition remained close as heat three drew to a close, the final scores being locked in after the conclusion of the heat.


Julian Wilson narrowly scraped into first position with a total score of 14.00 against Nat Young and Mick Fanning as all three competitors scrambled for waves, Young only 0.14 behind Wilson.


Michael Bourez belted his way through heat four, linking together a 9.33 and a 9.17 for a final two wave score of 18.50, moving straight through to the quarter finals.


Fredrick Patacchia was close behind Bourez with a 17.23 and moved onto round five with Adriano De Souza.


As round four was a no loser round, Parkinson fought back with power in heat one of round five, scoring a perfect two wave score of 20, earning a quarter final place.


Joel Parkinson. Image: Curley Source:

Joel Parkinson.
Image: Curley


Coming in second place, Florence proved just as lethal as he posted a combined score of 19.20, just unable to overtake Parkinson.


Heat two saw a major upset as current world number one, Slater was taken down by Hobgood.


Hobgood paired together a 9.00 and a 8.00 to finish the heat with a combined total of 17.00, leaving Slater behind with a 14.33 as he was unable to lock onto higher scoring waves.


Young also gained a spot in the quarter finals, claiming first place with a two wave score of 16.93 in front of De Souza.


De Souza locked in a 9.27 and a 6.67, but Young’s stronger combination of 8.93 and 8.00 secured his victory.


The last heat of round five ended with another close battle as Fanning posted a mid range final score of 13.46, defeating Patacchia by 0.56 respectively.


Round four results:

Heat 1:

1. Taj Burrow 18.30 (AUS) 2. Joel Parkinson 17.90 (AUS) 3. CJ Hobgood 11.57 (USA)


Heat 2:

1. Josh Kerr 19.67 (AUS) 2. Kelly Slater 18.60 (USA) 3. John John Florence 17.10 (HAW)


Heat 3:

1. Julian Wilson 14.00 (AUS) 2. Nat Young 13.86 (USA) 3. Mick Fanning 12.50 (AUS)


Heat 4:

1. Michel Bourez 18.50 (PYF) 2. Fredrick Patacchia 17.23 (HAW) 3. Adriano De Souza 13.87 (BRA)


Round 5 results:

Heat 1:

1. Joel Parkinson 20.00 (AUS) 2. John John Florence 19.20 (HAW)


Heat 2:

1. CJ Hobgood 17.00 (USA) 2. Kelly Slater 14.33 (USA)


Heat 3:

1. Nat Young 16.93 (USA) 2. Adriano De Souza 15.94 (BRA)


Heat 4:

1. Mick Fanning 13.46 (AUS) 2. Fredrick Patacchia 12.90 (HAW)


The next call is for the finals day of the competition which will be June 27 at 7am local Bali time (8:30am AEST)


Written by Madison Heinze.


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