ANB SA 2014 Female Spectacular

Fiasco Sports reported backstage from the ANB Female Spectacular at the Adelaide Sport and Fitness Expo.

ANB SA Female Figure Open / Image: Sarah Taylor

ANB SA Female Figure Open / Image: Sarah Taylor


It was the highly anticipated muscle and model extravaganza and ANB SA rose to the challenge, putting on a sensational show at Adelaide’s very first Sport and Fitness Expo.


The Female Spectacular strayed far from tradition at the Adelaide Showgrounds with Channel 10’s Rebecca Morse hosting a female only show to a brightly lit crowd.


“It’s amazing, it’s like no show I’ve ever competed in before,” said fitness model u/35 short winner, Vernice Salveron.


“You can see the crowd, you can interact with the crowd, it’s really amazing, they’ve [ANB]  done a great job.”


ANB SA Female Fitness Model U/35 Short Image: Sarah Taylor

ANB SA Female Fitness Model U/35 Short Image: Sarah Taylor


What didn’t change this year was ANB’s supportive and positive ambience.


“We’re more of a family,” said ANB SA’s Promoter, David Salamon.


“With the ANB, people can relax, enjoy, and come out with a good outcome at the end of the day.”



The relaxed atmosphere was enjoyed by both the competitors and audience. Competitors all mentioned backstage that the casual atmosphere allowed them to be themselves on stage and enjoy the day.


The large audience was a combination of old and new spectators, all of whom were kept very entertained by the charismatic host, upbeat music, and the diverse categories and divisions ANB has to offer.


In particular, the theme wear round for fitness models proved to be a huge success for the federation and differed to all the other shows this season.


Competitors had complete creative control in putting together a costume and stage performance to entertain the crowd and show off their personality along with their hard-earned bodies.



Once again, South Australia proved to have a huge talent pool of competitors.


“Maybe it’s because we have nothing else to do in Adelaide but go to the gym,” joked ANB judge and WNBF Pro, Sarah Davis.


Sarah said she was blown away by the high standard of athletes.


“The physiques out there were standouts, stage presence galore, the theme wear was amazing, it was a really successful day.”


Here are Fiasco Sports‘ standout performances:


Soulaie Sheehan


The Fiasco Sports team fell absolutely in love with Soulaie when we interviewed her on The Fiasco Sports Radio Show a week prior to the event.


Her motivation, enthusiasm and positivity is infectious, and we were very moved when she shared her defining moment on stage with us.



Talia Nitschke


Does this look like a girl who weighed 110 kilograms and ate junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Definitely not!


Talia was presented with the ANB Inspiration Award after losing 45 kilograms and competing in her first bikini competition.



Lisa Morby


Lisa was a cut above the rest, and it came as no surprise to us when she placed first in the Women’s Figure Grand Masters, and then went on to win the Women’s Figure Overall Champion.


Lisa actually won her ANB registration when she called in to the The Fiasco Sports Radio Show in January. While she believes luck has been on her side, we know that luck doesn’t make you look that amazing!



Congratulations to the following women who qualified for the UFE World Championships in Toronto, Canada:


Lisa Morby

Trinity-Jean Neagle

Vernice Salveron

Dab Koronis

Jessica Crowley

Kate Newton

Rosy Scaffidi-Muta

Sacha Clifton


These women now have the opportunity to represent Team ANB Australia at the pro qualifying event in November 2014. See the full scorecard here.


Stay tuned for our report on the second day of the event, ANB SA’s Male Muscle Warfare.


Written by Chloe Bouras @chloebouras


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